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Knotty Things Logo

We are a small business featuring hand-crafted items that are “knotty” by nature.  Working for my father in his cabinet shop during high school and college gave me a love for working with my hands and creating all kinds of things.  Even though my career path took me away from woodworking full-time after college, I continued to utilize my skills and learn new techniques while completing projects over the years for family and friends…then came retirement.  Since retirement to us does not mean sitting around in a rocking chair (maybe some – but not all of the time), the need to create has been a driving force.  Thus, Knotty Things was born.


Knotty Things is dedicated to high quality products whether those things are made of wood, or other things “knotted”.  We sincerely appreciate your business and hope that our “knotty things” bring as much enjoyment to your home as it does to us as we make them.

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